Top 5 Axure features that were made for Project managers

August 8, 2016

In this article we look at specific Axure RP features that a project manager will especially appreciate and probably use most often. Not everyone who uses Axure is a visual designer and its main purpose is cerating prototypes. Despite this, the team at Axure have made sure it has enough features that even a project manager will find hard to ignore.

Let’s look at the features that are most important to project managers.

  1. Axshare
    An easy pick due to the usefulness of this feature. Axure Share is a hosted service for easily sharing your Axure RP prototypes with others, including your team and clients. It is a free service and allows you to upload up to 1000 projects with RP files up to 100 MB each. More importantly, Axure Share includes a Discussion feature for collecting feedback from stakeholders and testers. Project managers can also customize the log in and password pages and assign a custom domain to your projects to provide a custom branded experience for your client.
  2. Functional spec
    A super feature for passing on requirements through the team. The Word functional specification is an automatically generated Microsoft Word document that serves as the requirements specification component of your Axure RP file if needed. This feature is especially useful when the project requires a formal print deliverable.
  3. Team projects
    Team projects enable multiple Axure RP users to co-author one file. Team projects also maintain a history of project revisions which can be retrieved at any time. Users edit local copies of the team project and use a “check in, check out” system to manage updates. This makes life easy for project managers by making it easy to maintain one version of the final deliverable to client.
  4. Printing
    We have all worked with clients that will not look at the online prototype and require a paper version instead. Axure allows printing of diagrams just the way client may want them by saving and reusing print configurations. Axure allows the specifying and ability to see print boundaries on the canvas, to selectively print subsets of file’s pages and masters, and maintain multiple configurations in a single file as separate “print generators”. Two thumbs up.
  5. Auto-generating Flow diagrams
    This is definitely a nice touch. Axure allows the ability to build flow diagrams just as you would build any other type of diagram in RP—by opening a page on the canvas and dragging widgets onto it—but you can also get a head start by generating an automatic flow based on the Pages pane. If one has auto-generated a flow diagram this way, it can be easily customized it by moving widgets around or changing their shapes.

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