How to install Axure widget libraries

How does one install a custom Axure widget or axure library into Axure RP. Welcome to Humble UX. Thank you for purchasing our kits but now you may have the question: How do I install the kit. There are several ways but I will show you the most common way of installing Axure widget libraries.

  1. Unzipped the file you just downloaded, Axure files have the extension  *.rplib
  2. Open up Axure RP 7 or 6.5. The default libraries that come with Axure are housed under the Widgets pane (middle left).

    Axure Widgets pane

    Axure Widgets pane

  3. Click on the hamburger menu icon and chose the Load library menu item

    Loading an Axure library

    Loading an Axure library

  4. Navigate to the file you downloaded from HumbleUX (the unzipped file) with the extension *.rplib, select and click Open. This will load the library into your widgets pane.

    Mobile flowchart library loaded

    Mobile flowchart library loaded

  5. You can now drag and drop files into your project.

Let us know if you run into problems. For more Axure libraries just check out out Shop.

Download FREE web and mobile Axure libraries


When we started out in design and prototyping, one common obstacle was not finding enough good examples that one could download and learn from. We have purposefully made more free axure widgets than priced ones because we want to encourage you to download quality work. Get downloading!!

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