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Top 5 Axure features that were made for developers

We know Axure is used by different types of users. This article focuses on developers and what features in Axure, they would find useful and exciting.  We have compiled our top 5 Axure features we think were  definitely made for developers. 1. Masters Masters are collections of widgets you can maintain Read More

Top 5 Axure features that were made for designers

In this series we look at specific Axure RP features that a visual designer will especially appreciate and probably use most often. Not everyone who uses Axure is a visual designer and its main purpose is low fidelity prototyping. Despite this, the team at Axure have made sure it has Read More

Axure 8 review: 3 features that will speed up your workflow

With the highly anticipated release of Axure RP 8, we look at the 3 features that will definitely speed up your design workflow.   Faster HTML prototype rendering times In Axure 7, the generated HTML protoype was a combination of HTML tables, images and Javascript to accommodate cross browser compatibility, Read More

Axure RP too expensive: How to download Axure for free

One of the obstacles to taking up Axure has been always been its price. Though an industry standard software widely used in the UX field, some users struggled to cough up the cash after their Axure trial ran out. This was a challenge for me when I started out in Read More

Axure 8 review: Top 5 features you will definitely use

With the exciting new release of Axure RP 8, we look at the new features that we have been waiting for and will definitely be using on a frequent basis. New widget library for icons The inclusion of a new library of built-in customisable icons from Fontawesome for Axure RP Read More